Hi, my name is Casey and I wanted to share my trip to Berlin with you.

Berlin is full of lots of history, food, and many interesting museums. I will share just a couple of the highlights of the trip. I was only their for a weekend so I wasn’t able to spend as much time their as I would have liked. I would recommend spending at least 4 or 5 days when visiting Berlin.

I highly recommend visiting the Jewish Museum. It is a very interestingly designed museum with very interesting architecture that tells a story.

The Topography of Terror is definitely worth a visit as it tells a lot of the dark history of the Nazi parties rise to power and their rule through World War II.

The Berlin Wall is a must see as it is such an important part of recent history, and it also contains many colorful and wonderfully  illustrated murals.

The Reichstag is worth seeing and I would definitely recommend going to see the world famous Berlin Philharmonic.

Here are some of my favorite food spots from my trip:

Mustafas Gemusedoner – best kebab in the world

Fassbender and Rausch – Chocolate heaven, world famous hot chocolate

Curry 36 – best currywurst in West Berlin

Brauhaus lemke – brewery

BRLO – another brewery… order the Helles on tap!

I hope this post helps you on your journey to Berlin!